Get ready to crochet the Colorsplash jacket, a stylish light jacket using vibrant granny squares! This project features Wool Addicts Artsy yarn, a cotton blend that lets your creativity shine.

Trendy Design: A modern take on classic granny squares.
Versatile Yarn: Wool Addicts Artsy yarn offers unique color combos and a soft, comfortable texture.
Creative Freedom: Whether you prefer romantic, avant-garde, abstract, or minimalistic styles, this yarn lets you create your personal, wearable masterpiece.
Dip your crochet hook into these unique color combinations and craft a jacket that's truly one-of-a-kind.

Happy crocheting!

Garment measurements:
Bust 36¼” (92 cm), length 21¼” (54 cm)
5 balls of Wool Addicts Artsy
Crochet hook, size US G – 6 (4 mm)
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