Maine Yarn Podcast

  • 74: What the Flax?

       Click here for the video version of this podcast!   Finished Objects: Jenn: Calistoga in Quince Kestrel Julie: Missing Socks   What we are work...
  • 73: Pack My WIPs

        Finished Objects: Jenn: Bling Tank in Nimble Sock Julie: Shaved Ice in Emma's Yarn Kit   What we are working on: Jenn: Open Bar in Emma's Ya...
  • 72: Bead on a Plane

      Finished Objects: Jenn: Chillow Collar Jenn: Butterfly Julie: Pinecone Pocket Julie: Chillow Cuff Julie: Jordan's Baby Sweater   What we are wor...
  • 71: It’s a Mantel

    Finished Objects: Jenn: Mabel in Berwick Bulky What we are working on: Jenn: Third Coast in Drapey DK Jenn: Butterfly in Blossom and Lillian Jenn:...
  • 70: March Fools

      Finished Objects: Jenn: Emma Version A in Luft Jenn: Uneek Socks in Uneek Sock Jenn: Wool and Honey in Remix Light Julie: Pierside Cardigan Juli...
  • 69: Only Knitters in the Building

    Finished Objects Jenn: Lolancha Shawl Jenn: Sierra Beanie Jenn: Emma Version A in Woolfolk Luft Jenn: Advent Shawl Jenn: Sophie Scarf in Cashmer...
  • 68: Knitting Vicariously

    Very special episode with an interview with Laura Nelkin.

    Published 1/20/2023

  • 67: Famous Last Words

    Published 11/30/22
  • 66: Happy Little Succulents

    Published 11/1/2022
  • 65: Flowla was a Showgirl

    Published 9/22/2022
  • 64: Knit all the things!

    Published 8/28/2022
  • 63: There's nothing like a good throw

    This is a very special episode recorded with Casapinka as our special guest-host. We recorded this at the end of KnitWit at the Shores 2022. 

    Published 6/19/2022