Noro Asaginu

Color - 30 Koi-kurenai
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Asaginu combines the finest linen from France with traditional Japanese “art paper” from the Mino area of Japan called Washi. French linen is widely known as a ‘king of linen’ for its softness, ability to create a vapor barrier (e.g. hygroscopic), and durability. This property of creating a vapor barrier so the knitted fabric does not stick to your skin when you sweat is very high in “Washi” paper as well - the Japanese call this “Shari-kan” which is the minimal contact of the fiber to the skin. The fabric created from this yarn is the perfect Summer yarn for very hot and humid climates.

69% Linen, 30% Japanese art paper, 1% Polyamide

Light weight yarn

Suggested US 6 to 7
Knits to 21-24 stitches over 4in
Suggested HOOK G6 to 7
Single crochet 12-17 stitches per 4in

Best when knit on a slightly larger needle, giving it the breathing space to become a sheer, lightweight fabric, and it’s equally happy being crocheted.

Steam block. Do not wet block or wash. Dry clean only.