Katrinkles' October 2023 Notion of the Month - Octopus Stitch Marker Holder

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Seriously, how cool would it be to make friends with an octopus? They're smart, they always have something to write with, three hearts to love you with, and best of all, eight arms to help you knit! Most of us probably aren't lucky enough to have octofriends, but we can have this cool blue fellow. Made of durable acrylic, October's Notion is a Octopus Stitch Marker Holder that uses its tentacles to grab onto your stitch markers and hold them safely in place. Comes attached to a sturdy keychain clip to attach easily to project bags and carry with you. Now that's some (octo)handy tool indeed!

Notion Product Info

  • Material: Acrylic
  • Approximate Size: 1.75” wide and 3.25” from end to end

Stitch Markers are not included with the holder.