Katrinkles 12 Days of Stitchable Ornaments Kit

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This incredibly cute and collectable set of 12 stitchable ornaments, in wood and acrylic, features a forestful of woodland plants and animals designed in a fanciful style that brings out the magic and playfulness of the holiday season. There's a sparkly evergreen tree, a bright red mushroom, a wreath, a star, an acorn, a moth, a bird, a snail, a ladybug, an owl, and a fox. And of course, a fluffy white sheep! A full array of festive forest friends to brighten up the holidays.

You can make these adorable ornaments even cuter by adding your own decorative stitching: everything you need is included - three colors of embroidery floss, a tapestry needle (and felt needle minder) for stitching, and cotton cord for you to hang your finished ornaments. The entire set comes packaged in a charmingly illustrated muslin bag.

Stitch them with your own personal colorful designs as a fun way to get in the holiday spirit, and display them as decorations to spread the cheer.

The Stitchable Ornament Advent Kit includes:

  • 9 x Mini Ornaments - Wooden (unstitched)

  • 3 x Mini Ornaments - Acrylic (unstitched)

  • 72" length of cotton cord to use for hanging your ornaments

  • a size 24 tapestry needle

  • 3 different holiday colors of embroidery floss

Packaged in a Large Muslin Bag

Product Details:

  • Material: Domestic Cherry & Acrylic

  • Approximate Size: sizes vary - most approximately 1.5” x 1.5” x 1/8”