Doodle Card Decks

Style - Spring
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Many knitters want to design their own pattern, but may struggle with pattern customizations or find the math intimidating. So Pacific Knit Co. creates modular colorwork patterns that provide clear tutorials and built-in modifications, so you can create exactly what you want, every time!

All you have to do is 1) choose the pattern, 2) build your options (within a structure), and 3) follow the instruction to knit!

Each Doodle Card Deck includes:

  • (1) How to Doodle instruction card
  • (2) Full color, illustrated schematics with bullet list instructions to create either a standard cowl or an infinity cowl.
  • (51) Unique 24-stitch colorwork charts
  • Custom printed cardboard tuckbox 


Basic Doodle Deck charts come from the digital patterns: Basic Doodle, and Basic Doodle Expansion

Chart examples include:

  • Dots, X’s, and Plus symbols
  • Zigzags and Diamonds


Autumn Doodle Deck charts come from the digital patterns: Autumn Doodle (original), Autumn Doodle Expansion 1, and Autumn Doodle Expansion 2  

Chart examples include:

  • Lots of Fall Leaves
  • Umbrella & Rainboots
  • Pumpkins & Acorns
  • Spiders, Bats, & Black Cats
  • Witch’s Hat & Caldron
  • Candy Corn & Jack-o-Lanterns


Spring Doodle Deck charts come from the digital patterns: Valentines Doodle Expansion, and Floral Doodle Expansion

Chart examples include:

  • Butterflies, Bees, & Snails
  • Tulips, Daisies, Mums, and other flowers
  • Winding Vines
  • Valentines Hearts


Winter Doodle Deck charts come from the digital patterns: Holiday Doodle (original), Holiday Doodle Expansion 1, and Winter Skies Expansion

Chart examples include:

  • Snowflakes & Stars
  • Snowmen & Reindeer
  • Pine Trees & Boughs
  • Holly Berries (with bobbles!)
  • Merry wrapping paper
  • Vintage Ski Sweaters


How to use with Doodle Patterns:

  • CHOOSE YOUR THEME: Pick the Doodle Charts that have the motifs you want! Or pick several chart expansions to mix-and-match!
  • CHOOSE YOUR PATTERN: Pick which pattern or construction method you prefer. Every chart works with every pattern!
  • CHOOSE YOUR YARNS: Pick a skein or two for your main color, and a handful of mini skeins for contrast colors!
  • START KNITTING: Pick your first motifs and colors and start knitting! You can change it up with every new motif!


How to use with Non-Doodle Patterns:

  • Design your own pattern shape and plug in your charts
  • Add a motif to the hem of vanilla sweater, mitten, or sock