Subscription Box Naming Ideas

Subscription Box Naming Ideas

Here are some ideas I have for our new quarterly subscription box.  I'd love your thoughts on which you like or other ideas you have.

  • Club KnitWit
  • Seaside Skeins
  • Lighthouse Loops

Put your thoughts or ideas in the comments.


  • I love the purple theme:)
    Knitwit Escapes (because that’s what I do every time I knit, crochet, tat, spin whatever…)with a more added on theme each time🥰

    Nanci Nelson on

  • Hmmm, trying to think of names that embrace both the yarn aspect and the pattern designer aspect since both are equally important to the box. Trying not to speak only to the yarn, for example.

    Is it always knitting, never crochet?
    Will it always be coastal, never forest nor mountain theme?

    Club KnitWit seems generic enough while still telling “what” (a club) and “who” (KnitWit). It’s short enough to be enhanced each quarter with additional verbiage for each release or edition, e.g. Club KnitWit -Winter Warmth, Club KnitWit – Coastal Comfort.

    We know where the clubhouse is!

    Susan L. on

  • I like Lavender Spring

    Cindy Kester on

  • Lupine surprise

    Sue Touchette on

  • KnitWit Knit Kit!

    Jules on

  • I am a big fan of both Seaside Skeins and Lighthouse Loops!

    Jessica Butler on

  • Creative Inspiration
    Mainely Joyful Creatives

    Su Richards on

  • I really like Seaside Skeins as well, along with Downeast Yarn Club and Coastal Knots and Knits since they tie into Jenn’s Maine influences. Couple more to throw in the hat:

    Maine Coastal Creative Yarn Club (or just Maine Coastal Creative)
    KnitWit Yarn Adventures

    With that lupine teaser I can’t wait to see what’s in store! Looks gorgeous!

    Beth Szopinski on

  • KitWit Knit Klub
    Seaside skeins

    Karen Ouhrabka on

  • KitWit Knit Klub
    Seaside skeins

    Karen Ouhrabka on

  • Maine Magic

    Janet on

  • Downeast Yarn Club
    Wicked Good Wool Works
    Coastal Knots and Knits
    KnitWit Knit Kit

    Connie Buckwalter on

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