78: Jogless Joins

78: Jogless Joins

78: Jogless Joins



What we are wearing:

Jenn: 2nd Butterfly in Lillian and Blossoms

Jenn: Bear t-shirt

Julie: Adult Pullover

Julie: Winter Spice Shawl


Finished Objects:

Julie: Bright Stripe Mittens

Julie: Grace's Mittens

Julie: Anna's Mittens

Julie: Abby's Mittens

Julie: Lily's Mittens

Julie: Emily's Hat

Julie: Mauricio's Mittens


What we are working on:

Jenn: Desperate Housewife by Melanie Berg in Little Fox Vixen and Emma's Smallidays

Jenn: Temperature Square Blanket by Toni Lipsey in Quince Whimbrel and Berroco Pima 100 

Jenn: Hat design in Berroco Vintage Chunky

Julie: Dad's Mittens in Lucia DK


Shop Talk:

2024 KnitWit at the Shores Retreat

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