70: March Fools


Finished Objects:

Jenn: Emma Version A in Luft

Jenn: Uneek Socks in Uneek Sock

Jenn: Wool and Honey in Remix Light

Julie: Pierside Cardigan

Julie: Jon's Go Box

What We Are Working On:

Jenn: Third Coast in Emmas Drapey DK

Jenn: Mabel in Berwick Bulky

Jenn: Midway Fringe Scarf in Emmas Drapey DK and Emmas Suri Silk

Jenn: Jörd in Lettlopi

Jenn: Second Butterly in Lillian and Blossoms

Jenn: Laxo Socks

Julie: Shaved Ice with Shaved Ice Kit

Julie: Missing Socks

Julie: Mabel in Luft

What We Want To Work On Next:

Jenn: Kawa-sockies

Shop Talks:


New Website!

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