64: Knit all the things!

64: Knit all the things!

64: Knit all the things!

Listen here Published 8/28/2022

Finished Objects:

Julie: Sail Shawl from a Kit

Julie: Ranunculus in Kestrel

What we are working on:

Jenn: Florrie in Berroco Dash

Jenn: Flowla

Jenn: Castaway in Wren

Jenn: Pressed Flowers in Ultra Alpaca and Frida

Jenn: Calistoga in Kestrel

Julie: Recursive

Julie: Sea Glass Tee

What we want to work on next:

Jenn: Campalong Blanket

Jenn: Bling Tank

Jenn: Raise the Woof

Jenn: Third Coast in Emma's Yarn Drapey DK

Jenn: Recursive

Jenn: Woolfolk Luft sweater class from CocoKnits

Julie: Sock design

Julie: Hats

Julie: Shaved Ice

Out and About:

Maine Yarn Cruise


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