61: The Super Bulky of Bulkiest

Listen here Published 3/26/2022

Finished Objects:

Julie: The Sharon Show in DWD Lillian

What we are working on:

Jenn: Back to Nature Socks from Happily Knitting Socks in Lang Jawoll

Jenn: Spark Cardie in Santa Cruz and Entropy DK

Jenn: Wool & Honey in Remix Light

Jenn: As You Wish in Wonderland Kit

Julie: Pierside Cardigan

Julie: Easy Speedy Hat and Scarf

Julie: Deconstructed Socks

Julie: Super Fast Sweater

Interview with Sydney Crabaugh

KnitWit at the Shores Retreat

Julie performing improv on Broadway in NYC!

March 26 2022 at 2 pm: https://www.csznewyork.com/

Contest Winner: jennyhoward630

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