54: I dunno, physics?

Listen here Published 7/23/2021

Video Version of Episode 54

Finished Objects:

Julie: Goosey Socks Again

Jenn: Simply Stripes Blanket in Remix Chunky

Jenn: Flirty Foliage Monstera in Madelinetosh Unicorn Tails

Jenn: Open Minds MKAL in PashminaFino, and Marina

What we are working on:

Jenn: Holderness in Kestrel

Julie: Sea Glass Tee

Julie: Pierside Cardigan

Julie: KnitWit Hat in Lark and Tiramisu

What we want to work on next:

Jenn: TKGA Level 2

Jenn: Sea Glass Tee

Jenn: V Back Tee

Jenn: The Birdwatcher

Julie: Botanique Kit in Emma's Yarn

Shop Talk:


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