50: Very Aggressive Cables

50: Very Aggressive Cables

50: Very Aggressive Cables

Listen here Published 4/1/2021

Finished Objects:

Jenn: Christmas Socks

Jenn: Green and Black Socks in Bis-Sock

What we are working on:

Jenn: Kiki in Owl (Tawny)

Julie: Goosey Socks

Julie: Ranunculus in Kestrel

Julie: Fingerless Mitts in Maine Yarn Sock

Jenn: Sharon's Glamping Blanket in Berroco Vintage Chunky

Jenn: Briochealicious in Pashmina (Siren) and Concentric (Kind of a Big Teal)

Julie: Pierside Cardigan

What we want to work on next:

Jenn: Botanique in Emmas Yarn Kit (Plant Lady)

Julie: Botanique in Emmas Yarn Kit (Mermaid Tavern)

Jenn: Quiescent in Maine Yarn Worsted (Sunset on the Beach) and Lang Alpaca Superlight (29)

Jenn: Kupala in Willet

Shop Talk: 

The Retreat!

Book Review:

Interview with Shelley Brander, author of Move the Needle

Knit Stars

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