Temperature Blankets

Temperature Blankets

Temperature Blankets
Temperature blankets or scarfs are a fun way to chronicle your year and have just a bit of knitting or crochet to do each day.  By the end of the year you'll have a beautiful new object to remind you of your year. 

Toni Lipsey of tl yarn crafts wrote a helpful blog post with things to think about when planning your project.  We have a free pattern available for a temperature scarf, which is a great place to start, but think outside the box and make this one all your own for 2024.  

Here are the colors I selected for my 2024 blanket.  I'm going to use Toni's Linen Square Temp Blanket pattern.  Don't be afraid to mix yarn brands to find the exact color pallet you want.  I'm combining Quince & Co. Whimbrel with Berroco Pima 100 to get the colors I wanted.  These cotton yarns will create a great summer blanket to wrap up in, but think about wools too for a warmer version.

Head over to our Facebook page and share your pics of your completed projects from 2023 or your planned colors for 2024!  I can't wait to see what you all come up with.
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