Allie Pleiter Novels

Allie Pleiter Novels

Allie Pleiter Novels

Do you love a good mystery book?  I know you love cozy yarn shops.  What if you could combine the two?  That's what knitter and author Allie Pleiter has done.  Plus she was in our shop just yesterday signing copies of her books.  She signed a few extras, so if you order soon, your copy may be signed as an extra bonus!

Allie has written the Riverbank Knitting Mystery Series.

Libby Beckett has come home to Collinstown, Maryland to live her dream and open her own yarn shop, aptly named Y.A.R.N., along the Chester River. To Libby, Y.A.R.N. stands for “You’re Absolutely Ready Now.” But the acronym changes whenever inspiration strikes, and customers add to the list of suggestions that fill the blackboard wall in a shop stuffed with color, fiber, and comfort.

That comfort and community comes unraveled when murder comes to the small colonial town. Libby’s best friend Margo, her former high school sweetheart Mayor Gavin Maddock, and even her English bulldog Hank must all join forces to untangle the mysteries that land on Y.A.R.N.’s doorstep.


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