52 Weeks of Socks Vol II

52 Weeks of Socks Vol II

52 Weeks of Socks Vol II

They are fun to make, quick to finish and always needed — no wonder so many knitters love socks!

52 Weeks of Socks, Vol. II offers even more inspiration for all sock enthusiasts. It is a colourful and abundant collection of patterns from a diverse group of interna­tional designers. Using a variety of different techniques and yarns, the book has something for both beginners and advanced knitters. 

This visually impressive volume continues the series of the bestselling 52 Weeks of Socks52 Weeks of Shawls, and 52 Weeks of Easy Knits.

52 Weeks of Socks, Vol. II is available now for pre-order.  Books will be available on 3/31.

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